Ormskirk and District Motor Club (ODMC) has been set up by enthusiasts looking for an active club involved with grass roots motor sport as well as static display events. Their criteria in that search included open accountability, a true club organisation, training courses and the organisation of low cost events.

Because that search proved to be fruitless, the group, which included a number of long-time motor sport competitors with in-depth experience of event organisation locally at the highest level, and who had organised events attracting crowds of 120,000 and designed competitive AutoSolo tracks, took the decision to create a new club and Ormskirk & District Motor Club was born.

ODMC is a true enthusiasts club owned by its members with its financial and organisational issues always open to members.
ODMC is administered by a member committee and operating surplus will be donated equally to three named charities.

ODMC aims to organise low cost events and activities in which members can participate without expensive car preparation.

For non-competitive members, ODMC plans to use the extensive experience of its founder members by organising car display type events around the area.
If you can answer positively to just one of the following, then ODMC is the club for you.
  • You have an interest in motors - classics, moderns, motorsport or anything on wheels (two, three or four)!
  • You are looking for a club that is open, transparent and active.
  • You like to display your vehicle.
  • You like to view displayed vehicles.
  • You want to participate in motorsport.
  • You want to participate in rallies but the cost is too high or you do not have a rally prepared car.
  • You are a military veteran and need support to compete.

Join us!

Who Are We?

Club Secretary
Competition Secretary
Training / Marshals
Safeguarding / Medical
PR / Publicity / Webmaster

Nick Stafford
Dave Pugh
Trevor Kinley
Paul Harrison
Lucy Wynne
Ian Bennett
Events organised by ODMC benefit from the in-depth organisational experience of club members.
You can be confident that when you arrive at the venue the organisation will be smooth and professional and that the event will be well administered.

Either as large scale stand alone events or smaller events run within other public events. ODMC organise a number of static display events each year. These enable club members and others to display their vehicles and to meet with other enthusiasts.
ODMC club members are able to compete in numerous events organised within the region and across the UK by other MotorsportUK (formerly MSA) affiliated clubs.

ODMC’s own remit is to organise low cost competitive events that can be entered in standard road cars without vehicle prep – no roll cages, master switches or expensive mods – and with very low entry fees. Targa Rallies and AutoSolo are typical examples.