Because Ormskirk and District Motor Club (ODMC) is the newest kid on the block you probably don't know who we are or what we are doing. These are some of the questions we are asked most often.
  • Who owns ODMC
    Ormskirk and District Motor Club is owned and run by its members. ODMC is not a limited company.
  • Is ODMC only for competitive motorsport
    ODMC started by organising a static display event (Formby) and then planned member car runs and pub meets while MSA accreditation was pending. Once approved, competitive Targa Rallies and AutoSolo events will also be organised. Competitive and non-competitive events will then run side-by-side. It's your club so you decide what is done.
  • What does membership cost
    Membership has been provisionally set at just £10 per year. During the initial period, founder members get their first year free.
  • I don't want to compete. Can I just come to a meeting and talk about cars
    We just love chatting about cars.
    Sign up on-line, join the club and chat to your heart's content.
  • How are ODMC events organised
    We organise our own events but alliances have already been formed with other clubs. This will enable ODMC to co-organise a much wider range of events throughout the year
  • Is ODMC a part of another club
    Ormskirk and District Motor Club is entirely independent
  • The club has Ormskirk in it's title. Is there any involvement with the Motorfest
    Several ODMC founder members were in the past but there is no current involvement whatsoever
  • ODMC is a new club - will organisers be learning as they go along
    ODMC founder members are some of the most experienced automotive guys in the region. Not only does their event organisation experience cover local events, it also includes international events attracting more than 100,000 visitors. Founder members are also experienced competitors.
  • Ormskirk and District - how is District defined
    However you want!
    The club has to have a title and with its mailing address being in the town, Ormskirk is as good as any. But most initial members live elsewhere and the club's first event was the Formby Car Show - so how long is a piece of string?
    The reality is that District can be wherever you want it to be.
    No matter where you are, the club welcomes you (even from overseas).
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